Pot industry frets, then shrugs off Sessions' new policy

Can I buy legal marijuana today? Your questions answered

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As per the reports, sessions had in the past ensured the Senators that the state discretion strategy would not deviate from - which was promoted by the Obama Department of Justice Senator Cory Gardner who had been representing the States where all the recreational marijuana usage is perfectly legal, and also was responding to the news by condemning Sessions for not being able to fulfill the promises between Sessions and Gardner.

Sessions' decision allows prosecutors in the 30 states and the District of Columbia with legal marijuana laws to decide how aggressively to enforce longstanding federal law prohibiting the sale and cultivation of the plant. Joining me now from Washington, D.C., is John Hudak, the deputy director of the Center for Effective Public Management at the Brookings Institution, to help assess the impact of this move.

Attorney General Sessions is also receiving pushback from Republicans all over the country. Despite the uncertainty, there is a spirit of optimism that the status quo won't change as much, and that the move was created to reflect posturing on the part of the Sessions-led Justice Department.

We will continue to keep you posted as we mobilize to protect our successes and improve our state's, and nation's, marijuana laws.

Wooden cited a 2015 study conducted by the travel and hospitality marketing firm MMGY Global that found the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and OR was likely to have minimal impact on leisure travelers' interest in visiting those states.

"The announcement was largely symbolic", said Patrick Moen, general counsel of Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based venture capital firm that invests in marijuana businesses.

"I do think that Sessions' actions will have the effect of throwing this matter into the lap of the United States Congress", House told The Leader. The investigations were left up to state governments and their own enforcement. Many Americans have used medical marijuana for conditions such as cancer and glaucoma. The former Alabama senator and federal prosecutor once joked, according to Senate testimony by a former colleague, that the Ku Klux Klan was "OK, until he learned that they smoked marijuana".

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"Nevadans made it clear at the ballot box in 2016 that they support the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes, and their decision should stand", said Rosen. The U.S. Justice Department during Obama's tenure opted to let states set up medical marijuana laws and enforcement standards.

Disrupting marijuana businesses is exactly what Sessions intends.

Even with the apparent change in direction from the Trump administration, those in the medical cannabis industry have some protection - for now - through a provision called the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment.

It's no secret that Jeff Sessions isn't a fan of marijuana and is resistant to acknowledging its medical benefits.

With an already overcrowded prison population, Sessions decision to rescind Obama-era policy will have far reaching effects.

Whether federal prosecutors have the resources for, or even the interest in, undermining the national movement toward more permissive cannabis regulation remains to be seen.

Indeed, the sudden move by Sessions appears to have caught many key Republican politicians off guard, but ready to strike back. However, marijuana advocates are arguing the legalization of the drug will eliminate the black market and reduce violence. He said that the policy the federal government has had in Colorado to only go after large illegal traffickers and manufacturers will not change. "It's going to dry up a lot of the institutional investment that has gone toward marijuana in the last five years".

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