There's a new home for your phone's fingerprint scanner: inside the screen

Synaptics to ship in-display fingerprint sensors with Vivo smartphones

Vivo's Groundbreaking Fingerprint Sensor is Changing the Smartphone World

There is a fingerprint animation on the display, you place the finger and the under-display CMOS image sensor light up your fingerprint, capture an image of it, then unlocks your device. The new in-built display fingerprint scanner works just like the conventional fingerprint scanner, but the only difference is that it is built inside the display using Synaptics Optical Sensor.

In the past years, the Android camp adopted fingerprint scanning to unlock phones and make mobile payments.

Fingerprint recognition has always been one of the most common and well-known biometrics used to secure smartphones.

Nonetheless, it's definitely exciting to finally see a smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor become a reality. "We first presented a prototype of our fingerprint scanning solution at MWC Shanghai 2017 based on an ultrasonic sensor, and have remained committed to realizing our vision for future smartphones", said Alex Feng, Senior Vice President of Vivo.

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This simple yet elegant feature of having a home button only when you need to unlock your phone will be quite popular among the users, and it seems that it will be the most popular trend in mobile phones this year, starting with the high-end devices such as the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S9. "We are very excited to make it available to consumers soon", he added. Like other new smartphone features, the fingerprint reader will first be offered in premium smartphones, in part because the scanner only works with OLED displays, at least for now. With Vivo's announcement, in-display fingerprint sensor is now officially here and we expect more companies to use the technology as they look to come with bezel-less displays.

Fingerprint sensors will still be the first choice for most Android phones in 2018, since other biometric authentication methods available for Android phone-makers can not completely replace fingerprint identification yet. It also enables quick and secured authentication.

The showcasing of the world's first in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone (ready for mass-production) marks a significant leap forward in the industry's development, taking users' smartphone experience to a new level.

In-display fingerprint scanner was long awaited by smartphone fraternities since the advent of bezel-less displays. In fact, it's set to be released sometime in early 2018.

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