Yes, some people freak out about pumping their own gas

Angry Oregonians the butt of jokes as new law forces some citizens to pump their own gas for first time

Oregonians Come to Terms with Pumping Their Own Gas

Despite local residents' outrage, the law change only affects stations in OR counties with populations of 40,000 OR lower, and does not legally require the stations to switch to self-service - with some reportedly saying they will continue to help pump petrol for their customers.

New Jersey still bans self-serve gas, but many in the other 48 states were amused by the worries of Oregonians.

The alleged "panic" traces back to a Facebook post by Medford news station KTVL that asked whether OR should allow self-serve gas statewide.

Another wrote, "Not a good idea, there are lots of reason to have an attendant helping, one is they need a job too".

Others took the opportunity to ridicule the hysteria over self-service gas: "Pumped my own gas my whole life and now my hands have literally melted down to my wrists".

"Our regular, longtime customers love coming here and talking to us while we pump their gas", said Shelby Perkins, a cashier at a 76 gas station in Prineville.

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We Michiganders know that sometimes pumping your own gas can be terrifying.

Lastly, we aren't the only state that has fancy gas waiters. Kale Williams at the Oregonian, however, notes that the law introduced in 1951 protected around 10,000 jobs and says people sneering at the state may just be jealous of their "fancy gas waiters".

Kyle Allen spoke of the true horror of having to fill up himself: "One time, my dad came to OR and pumped his own gas". I laughed said I am from Idaho, I'm fully capable, you can leave... Now they protect me from transients who were otherwise ready to strike at me the moment I exited my vehicle to pump gas in my office attire in 5 degree MI weather. "You have now taken away a nice luxury that most of us enjoyed". A post on the Facebook of local news station KTVL asking locals what they reckon about the new change has attracted some... interesting responses.

OR law even lists 17 different reasons why pumping your own fuel can be unsafe, as its reasoning for the law remaining in place elsewhere. The organization noted that the Americans With Disabilities Act requires self-serve gas stations to provide assistance to customers with disabilities. If most of the country has learned to pump its own gas, why do some OR residents continue to advocate for station attendants?

People across the USA are getting in on the fun, too.

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