Abandoned dog walks 20 miles twice to get back to family

Cathleen is waiting for Alicia to come pick her

Cathleen is waiting for Alicia to come pick her

Cathleen, a Great Pyrenees mix, had been given up after her family in Seminole County, Oklahoma, US, moved home and didn't have the space to look after her anymore, US television station KCCI reported.

A poor pooch put up for adoption missed her previous family so much she kept returning to them, travelling 20 miles to get back to them.

Twice, she hit the road and walked the 20 or so miles between Prague and Seminole to look for her old family.

The family couldn't take Cathleen to the new house so they had to put her up for adoption.

"I haven't seen anything like this before", animal shelter manager Rebecca Acker told Buzzfeed News. Friendly. She wants to be everyone's friend.

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Many Facebook commenters lamented why a family who loved her would give her up, and some offered to adopt her.

Seminole Animal Shelter Treasurer Marta Mattingly said they want to be "very careful" finding Cathleen a new home.

With over 70 million homeless dogs and cats wandering the streets in the USA, we could all stand to do a lot more to ensure loving animals, just like Cathleen, get their happy ending too.

"Her heart wants to be with them, but they can not keep her", the humane society posted on Facebook. 'We are working hard on just the ideal, secure place'. Acker said the Prague owners eventually gave her up because they couldn't control her wanderings.

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