Barry Grissom: There's a new source of state revenue ready for debate

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Source MGN

He replied, "Well, at the moment, it's certainly very well-disguised".

Lelling's announcement came just days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama-era memo shielding businesses in states that had legalized pot. The memo recognized that marijuana was still illegal on the federal level by the Controlled Substances Act, but gave prosecutors license to focus their resources on more serious drug crimes. Potential investors who are not yet involved in the industry will be reluctant to invest in the industry.

"We have two laws in Massachusetts: One that was passed by voters several years ago around the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries, which are regulated and overseen by the commonwealth, and another law that was passed by the voters in 2016 that requires the state to create a legal infrastructure for recreational marijuana", Baker said yesterday. The Drug Enforcement Administration could raid dispensaries that states have allowed, as it did under President George W. Bush and even under Barack Obama. Various newspaper editorials painted Sessions as a "lifelong anti-drug crusader" who ignores medical science and doesn't realize how fighting the deadly opioid epidemic has already stretched his team of federal prosecutors to the limit. "You have a lot of people like that in the US, so not only would cartels be able to tap back into their former market, but they'd absolutely have a bigger market".

Eight states and the District of Columbia provide for full recreational use.

And a 15 percent statewide tax on the retail price of marijuana.

It also creates conflict with many people in his own party. Sen. The falling costs are not likely to mean less money for the state, the Finance Department said; instead, rising demand is expected to offset declining costs. But first an ideological caveat: I believe the government has no business telling us what we can and cannot put into our bodies, and I favor revoking all recreational drug laws.

Sessions is a prisoner of his immutable belief that "using drugs will destroy your life".

Trump would welcome challenge from Oprah Winfrey for President
That afternoon, Stelter reported that sources close to Winfrey said that she is "actively thinking" about running for president . Whether or not Winfrey would actually win, I fear the big loser would be the seriousness and legitimacy of the Presidency.

One of those compounds in particular is cannabidiol, or CBD. The attorney general seems intent on proving that you don't have to be stoned to be detached from reality. "And you've got to look at the issue of workplace use of marijuana and the risks that recreational marijuana poses to our workplace safety".

For example, San Jose, Oakland and Berkeley all have a local tax of 9.25 percent while the local tax in San Francisco is 8.5 percent Medicinal marijuana patients who hold a valid Medical Marijuana Identification Card are exempt from paying sales tax.

Republicans are once again - this time in the name of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a former GOP Senator from Alabama - picking favorites in the states' rights argument.

Even though Sessions has said he has no plans to step down, White House officials have been privately guessing who will replace him, the Washington Post reported. Josh Miller, a Democrat from the Providence area, introduced a pot legalization bill. She may find little opposition.

Sessions wants the decades-old federal law that lists marijuana in the same unsafe and potentially deadly category as crack cocaine, heroin and fentanyl upheld by his force of federal prosecutors.

Vin Candelora, a Republican from North Branford, pointed out that states that have successfully legalized recreational marijuana - Alaska, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Maine and MA - did so with ballots. The lone exception is Republicans, whose loyalty to Trump and Sessions is enough to make them ambivalent about the policy but so much as to make them actually support it. Legalization supporters could not ask for a more useful adversary. Sessions has also hoped that his policy decisions at the department will generate positive news coverage that would keep Trump happy with his job performance. Someday, they may remember it as a blessing in disguise.

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