Bungie Outlines Destiny 2 Raid, Eververse Updates in 2018

Bungie Doubles Down on its Plans to Fix What's Wrong with Destiny 2

Bungie says it's scaling back Eververse in Destiny 2 content roadmap

As expected, Crimson Days is officially returning for Valentine's Day 2018, and will roll out on February 13.

Destiny 2 will be receiving a boatload of new updates in the coming months in an effort to polish up the divisive shared-world shooter, developer Bungie has announced. Bungie will also begin to include game modes that were missing like Private Matches, Strike Scoring, and ranked play for the Crucible, and overall they want to address the loot system and therefore make the end-game aspect more encouraging.

The developer was quiet for quite a while on what was happening behind the scenes on the game, but a new blog post has pulled back the curtain on a ton of changes to everything from PvE and PvP to the Eververse store.

Further, Bungie said it will provide a gameplay path to earn Bright Engrams and all contained rewards, including limited time event Engrams. That is in light of controversy over the amount of experience gained.

With Game Director Christopher Barrett taking the new year community address to re-affirm that the studio is listening to feedback and plans on implementing changes very soon.

All of the listed updates and additions are slated for implementation throughout spring 2018, starting in January.

Game director Christopher Barrett detailed a very specific road map of upcoming features in the blog post, which also highlighted a number of points that touched upon several annoyances that numerous hardcore players had. Interestingly, the PC version of Destiny 2 will also get text chat in the Tower hub at this time. The statement also talks about community-related features that will be part of Destiny 2 after the update. With that will come some major changes to the Crucible multiplayer. We intend to return to creating more Raid and other activity-unique rewards in the future.

Dark Souls coming to Nintendo Switch
Hidden in the world of DARK SOULS: REMASTERED are nine online covenants to uncover that will motivate your online interactions. This is in addition to the Nintendo Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered revealed during the surprise Direct event.

You will finally be able to see the other members of your fireteam on the destination map.

In Season 2 of Destiny 2, Iron Banner, Faction Rallies, and their rewards will be available to everyone - they will not be locked behind expansions.

Bungie has been facing a ton of criticism over Destiny 2. Players will gain rank faster by winning matches, but there is no penalty for losing. Some are still mad about a lack of content in Destiny 2. Earning reputation will unlock unique Seasonal rewards and will reset each Season.

This feature solves the problem of experiencing the same playlist entry multiple times in consecutive or frequent succession for both Crucible and Strikes.

When multi-emote launches, you will be able to choose which emote you have equipped to each of your four emote slots. We don't believe just adding more space is a complete solution and are actively working on other changes to reduce load on your vault space.

In the near future, Bungie will look to add the following and more.

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