Canada Responds With Different Message After US Tightens Immigration Policies

The Daily 202: Trump systematically alienates the Latino diaspora - from El Salvador to Puerto Rico and Mexico

Anti-immigration fever strikes again

In other words, they've made the United States their home. They're rejected, there's no work. And they will see through his promise to restore the "rule of law" in immigration through proposals that illegalize the status of people from countries he reviles.

There were two reasons for granting TPS: First, and most immediately, the Salvadoran economy would not have absorbed all those displaced had we deported them in the years after the earthquakes.

The temporary protected status program has been offered to citizens from a number of countries fleeing natural disasters or other instability.

Salvadorans were originally granted protected status in 2001, following a major quake in El Salvador. Almost a quarter of those who will lose their status have mortgages, many have businesses, and a large majority have been gainfully employed for many years, paying taxes and contributing to communities. How is that in the United States' interest?

While the 2001 quake initially sent Enrique and Vanessa and people like them in search of sanctuary, the volatile climate of gang activity, violence and human trafficking has kept the DHS under previous USA administrations from returning refugees.

During a bipartisan meeting on immigration Thursday, President Donald Trump criticized protections the USA gives to immigrants from various underdeveloped countries, including Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries. He suffered from depression and didn't want to leave his mother's home. I even tell my mother [in Honduras] ...

"I went everywhere, to restaurants".

"There is certainly going to be enough momentum that there is going to be very fast growth", said Jorge Orellana, who oversees Contacto Tu Call Center in San Salvador where 250 employees service US insurance, emergency and finance firms.

Immigrants from 10 nations legally reside in the United States under the designation.

"This is a tragedy for families like them", he said. The Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that Salvadorans would have 18 months to return to their home country or face deportation. Plagued by gang violence, unemployment and poverty, El Salvador has one of the highest murder rates in the world, according to an annual list compiled by Mexico's Citizens Council for Public Security.

Singapore in lowest risk level on United States travel warning advisory
There will still be travel alerts in case of demonstrations, hurricanes or terrorist incidents, for example. The travel advisory further points out high-risk areas in the country that citizens should avoid.

The program affecting thousands of Nicaraguans in the US will end in January 2019.

"I don't think that family remittances are going to fall in the short term", Membreno said.

Inevitably, deporting 200,000 Salvadorans means the US government sends armed officers into homes to separate men and women from their spouses, children and parents.

In addition, he said, many of those eventually returning could be skilled and have money to invest. Tattoos he wore openly in California could be misinterpreted as gang-related in El Salvador and make him a target for attack, he said.

"Basically, our country's not safe", Canales says, "and it's not prepared enough financially to support these families ..."

"There's no work", Rios said.

The government also says there are plans for a "targeted digital campaign" aimed at temporary protected status-affected communities.

Both local and foreign companies have taken advantage of El Salvador's English-speaking workers, proximity to the United States and low labor and operational costs, he added.

That means they will have to chose between taking their American-raised children to a country that they have had little or no connection with or letting them grow up in the United States without parents.

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