Cindy Crawford makes new Super Bowl Pepsi commercial with her teenage son

Cindy Crawford will appear in a new Pepsi ad due to air during next months Super Bowl

Cindy Crawford will appear in a new Pepsi ad due to air during next month's Super Bowl

NBC has less than 10 ad spots left to sell a little less than a month ahead of Super Bowl 52, the network says. The brand new spot also features Crawford's son, Presley Walker Gerber, as well as footage from Michael Jackson's similarly famous Pepsi commercial.

"We drove to work together, we shared a trailer, and just as a mom watching him perform, I was the proud stage mom standing by the monitor", she added.

"They were my jeans that I wore that day and when we were doing wardrobe the stylist asked to just cut my jeans off", she told People. Watch Cindy's teaser below. During Super Bowl 52, taking place on February 4, Cindy will pop open a can of Pepsi outside a dusty gas station, just like she did in 1992.

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Pepsi today unveiled this year's global creative campaign, titled "Pepsi Generations" and a return of Crawford during the game. And when Kaia made her New York Fashion Week runway debut at the Calvin Klein spring 2018 show, comparisons were immediately drawn between her walk and Crawford's almost 40 years earlier - which ultimately led to a spring '18 campaign starring Kaia and Presley. She gets out of the vehicle and purchases a Pepsi from a vending machine outside as a group of young boys longingly watch from the other side of a fence, allegedly mesmerized by the soda's attractive new can design.

The new Super Bowl ad, dubbed "This Is The Pepsi", is part of the company's "Pepsi Generation" campaign honoring the brand's 120-year history in pop culture. "To include now my next generation, Presley, just makes it that much more familial feeling. They've spent a long time creating all of these memorable moments and that's exciting for me to because I really do consider myself part of the Pepsi family". She climbs out of her red sports vehicle, wearing jean cut-offs and a white tank top, saunters over to a vending machine, pulls a quarter out of her pocket, and buys a cold Pepsi. For the model, it instantly became a "classic". She's even seen women channel the ad for an easy Halloween costume. But Crawford said she hoped Pepsi would one day use Kaia Gerber to recreate the exact same commercial she originally appeared in back in 1992.

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