CT health officials: Deadly flu season is intensifying

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Eastern Health

One in roughly 10,000 children under the age of four have been hospitalized with the flu this season.

Officials with Audubon County Memorial Hospital and Clinics say that while no flu related deaths have occurred in Audubon County, flu cases are on the rise and are expected to peak in February or March.

There have been 14 flu-related deaths reported in Iowa since October 1st of 2017. Flu vaccinations are still available at most healthcare providers' offices and retail pharmacies.

The acting state health officer, Scott Harris, said hospitals in almost one-third of Alabama's counties are at 90 percent of their patient capacity, and some are full.

The average age of the other 34 people who have died of the flu this season is 75 years old, cabinet officials said.

Kyler Baughman, a seemingly healthy 21-year-old man from Latrobe, died of flu-related complications December 28.

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According to the state's Department of Health and Human Services, the deceased adults lived in Cheshire, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham, and Strafford counties. H3N2 is associated with more severe illness, especially among children and the elderly.

De Marco said flu medications are most effective if it is started within 48 hours of contracting symptoms.

That said, this year is starting to look like a severe season, and maybe more severe than last year, which was also bad, said Dr. Dan Jernigan, head of CDC's influenza division.

And while the CDC believes there is enough supply of flu-fighting antiviral drugs to cover the country's needs, some areas where there's been a lot of people getting sick are running low.

"If you do have flu symptoms, such as fever, coughs, sore throat and muscle aches, then stay home". "Even if the vaccine does not prevent you from getting the flu, it will make it less likely for you to become seriously ill or require hospitalization". If possible, have the sick person use a separate bathroom and clean it once daily with disinfectant.

Frequent and thorough hand-washing with soap and warm water.

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