Dark Souls Remastered announced Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One

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Dark Souls Remastered announced Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One

Bandai Namco is allegedly looking to bring Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 to the Switch eventually, though there are no plans to release a trilogy collection. In any case, the development of a remaster may also explain why the original Dark Souls has not seen any meaningful discounted in such a long time. It's rather expensive, though.

The Artorias of the Abyss DLC will also be included in the remastered version. The publisher has listed this as an art image, meaning that the game may or may not look like this.

As it stands, the Dark Souls trilogy box set is rather expensive, costing 49,800 Yen or roughly $450. Dark Souls: Remastered for Switch will mark the first time the franchise will appear on a Nintendo console (and the series' first portable entry). As of yet this has not been announced for other regions.

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Dark Souls challenges players to explore the twisted ancient land of Lordran. It's a beloved, influential game that is critically acclaimed and has a fanbase as passionate about it today as they were when it originally launched in. Some reports began circulating, misinforming original game owners that they would be entitled to special treatment when purchasing the remaster, but it turns out these reports were wrong. "This isn't a lighthearted romp in a bright and colorful fantasy world; it's a methodical journey into the frightening unknown".

The reports arose when listings began popping up, confirming the $40 price tag of the console versions of the game, but something odd was going on with the PC version.

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