Google unifies Android Pay and Google Wallet into Google Pay

With Google Pay the company aims to make mobile payments less confusing. Whenever users make a purchase from Google or from any of its partners they will see an option for Google Pay

Alphabet streamlines its mobile wallet app for improved offering

However, LG Pay, or LG Wallet, or whatever it ends up finally titled, may have the same drawback. It was not actually so from the beginning-Google Wallet for instance was the app of choice for many users making NFC payments at stores. The company is said to be planning to launch the service in the USA during the first half of 2018 to coincide with the release of its next flagship Android smartphone.

Similar to Samsung Pay, LG Pay should be accepted at almost any terminal, thanks to its usage of Wireless Magnetic Communication, which essentially duplicates the action of swiping your credit card. While Samsung uses Magnetic Secure Transmission technology (MST), LG uses Wireless Magnetic Communication (WMC) technology. It uses NFC technology and a form of magnetic component to communicate with compatible terminals.

LG says that it plans to launch LG Pay in the USA by June, though it will curiously be using "LG Wallet" as the name.

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The report may be accurate on the LG Wallet name.

Samsung Pay, Android Pay (soon to be Google Pay), and Apple Pay have been around for some time now in the USA and various regions, but another mobile payment system will soon be joining it. LG Pay will be launched in the U.S. soon after enjoying moderate success in its native South Korea. LG has already released an app with that very same name on the Google Play Store. According to Yonhap News, the launch could happen by June, meaning it should be announced alongside LG's upcoming flagship phone.

Also like Samsung, LG is planning to expand LG Pay's, or LG Wallet's, compatibility to its mid-range devices like the K series phones. When it launches in the United States, it will only be available with the LG G7 and the V40 premium smartphones. Samsung is LG's biggest competition in South Korea, even more so than Apple or Google.

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