HBO Boss Talks Timetable For 'Game Of Thrones' Prequels & 'Confederate' Series

HBO President Says 'Watchmen' Pilot May Begin Shooting In 2018

HBO Boss Talks Timetable For 'Game Of Thrones' Prequels & 'Confederate' Series

If the revival does occur, we may have to give them a little wiggle room when it comes to picking up a show that was tragically canceled nearly twelve years ago.

"It was based on when they felt that they could deliver a show that they are most proud of ..." Naturally, HBO isn't ready to let the franchise go.

Seven acclaimed, high-profile TV shows are making fans wait a rather long time for new episodes - with 2018 shaping up to be a year that's getting skipped by a bunch of top series altogether. But the show has long passed the plot of the books and the franchise as a whole may become its own beast as well.

He also gave an update on the five Game of Thrones prequels which are now being worked on by HBO.

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According to the programming president of HBO originals Casey Bloys, the Game of Thrones prequel series will be coming "at least a year after the final season" which will air in 2019. When asked for details on the upcoming spinoffs, Bloys couldn't reveal anything concrete. But don't count on a double dip into the Seven Kingdoms next year, because any new series won't air until at least 2020.

"We know we have six episodes", series star Kit Harington said in an interview earlier this month, we are not sure whether they will run for 70 minutes or even 90 minutes".

"We want the final season of Game of Thrones, being the special event that it is". It's a hard work to adapt considering many believe it to be the greatest comic book series of all time - just look at the divided reaction to Zack Snyder's 2009 film version - but Lindelof seems very up for the challenge. But there's no timetable. "I have seen some things that I think are potentially very exciting". I don't have a timetable when we're going to make decisions on anything.

Game of Thrones season eight premiers in 2019. Bloys states that he doesn't want to "diminish the achievement of how big and meaningful the show is".

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