Lakers concerned about toll on Lonzo due to LaVar's antics

Steve Kerr calls LaVar Ball 'the Kardashian of the NBA'

Steve Kerr Takes on the 'Kardashian of the NBA' in Epic Rant About Society

But their criticisms ring hollow in the wake of their petulant attacks against ESPN for the network's overwhelming coverage of LaVar Ball.

There's an argument to be made that The Athletic, in this push, is using Ball to boost the bottom line, the very practice they claim to be running from. They must care, or ESPN wouldn't be spending whatever they're spending to send reporters to Lithunia when they are laying off people who are writing really substantial (stories), people like Ethan Strauss and Marc Stein are getting laid off. Somewhere, I guess in Lithuania, LaVar Ball is laughing at all of us. People are eating out his hands for no apparent reason. That sells, and that's what is true in politics, entertainment and now sports. It doesn't matter if there is any substance involved with an issue. It's just, "Can we make it interesting in a - for no apparent reason". There's nothing interesting about that story. Goodman is now positioned in Lithuania, where LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball are playing.

But sorry LaVar, no one's drawing up their contracts to join Lonzo Ball on the Los Angeles Lakers quite yet. Give him LeBron and Gelo [LiAngelo Ball].

As a more measured response to ESPN, Van Gundy contacted both National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver and the NBAPA, saying he won't be participating in the extra access given to TV when ESPN airs Detroit's January 19 game against the Washington Wizards. And Kerr isn't alone.

This prompted a reaction from former Detroit Pistons and current Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle, who quickly jumped to Walton's defense while criticizing ESPN for publishing Ball's remarks. The league is rightfully protective of that TV money, which is why Van Gundy risks a fine if he doesn't cooperate with ESPN.

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"I'm not meeting with their announcing crew before the game, I'm not doing the in-game interview", Van Gundy said. "I am going to enjoy the night and get some sleep finally and then we got to let [the win] go". "However, all signs are pointing toward the eldest member of the Ball family not being able to speak this pipe dream into existence".

For those who did not read the article, ESPN put out a piece with a ton of quotes from the Laker rookie, which you can read here.

How is a coach supposed to get results from a team that not only doesn't have much talent, but has only a handful of players with real designs on being part of the team's future? That's an unfortunate reality in the for-profit news industry.

LaVar Ball is no Kardashian. Most sports stories are superfluous. But both NBA coaches expressed the same exasperation with the antics of LaVar Ball - the notorious basketball dad half a world away but still causing consternation with his taste for tabloid bombast.

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