PM Narendra Modi congratulates ISRO for successful 100th satellite launch

A total of 31 small satellites were launched into space on Friday. — Twitter

A total of 31 small satellites were launched into space on Friday. — Twitter

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) today successfully placed the Cartosat-2F satellite and 30 other smaller satellites in orbit even as it marked the launch of its 100th satellite.

"The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C40) deployed India's 710-kg Cartosat and 10-kg nano satellite and 100-kg micro-sat along with 28 foreign satellites into the Earth's orbit after a flawless lift-off from the launch pad", said outgoing Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman AS Kiran Kumar at the mission control facility, about 80km northeast of Chennai. The total weight of all the 31 satellites carried on board PSLV-C40 is about 1,323kg, VSSC scientists said. "This success in the New Year will bring benefits of the country's rapid strides in space technology to our citizens, farmers, fishermen etc".

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During the last PSLV launch we had problems, today what has happened proves that the problem was properly addressed and rectified. Modi stated in another tweet.

"It was a flawless launch, the analysis was done and all satellites are appropriately placed", said LPSC director after the successful launch of PSLV-C40.

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Experts have said that the PSLV-C40 is a very sophisticated surveillance tool.

Recognized by experts, the Indian space program is considered one of the most efficient and active in the world for its quality and quantity, despite having much less budget than other similar projects.

The flight on Friday is the first since a rare mission failure on August 31 past year when a PSLV rocket did not release a protective heat shield that cocoons a rocket's satellite payloads from the high temperatures during the journey into space. In February 2017, ISRO set a world record for sending 104 satellites on a single rocket.

"ISRO is starting 2018 with the successful launch. all customer satellites (besides Cartosat and nanosat) released and the microast after one hour". The space agency is also gearing up for launching its second unmanned mission to the moon, Chandrayaan 2, in March.

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