Samsung To Unlock FM Chips In Its Smartphones

Future Samsung devices will come with an unlocked FM radio chip

Samsung set to finally unlock FM chip in upcoming devices in US, Canada

Samsung has partnered with NextRadio, which means that future Samsung-branded smartphones in the United States and Canada will have a working FM radio chip.

"Samsung should be lauded for taking this important step", NextRadio President Paul Brenner said in a statement. Meanwhile, emergency information came via FM radio signals - which, in many cases, the victims couldn't access, because their chips were locked. All "upcoming smartphone models" of Samsung will unlock FM chips, which will enable its user base to listen to local radio stations.

Samsung joins the bandwagon of companies such as LG, Motorola, and Alcatel that have already activated the FM chips on their smartphones.

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TagStation, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emmis Communications Corporation. This uses less data and battery power than connecting to radio apps, though of course, there's less control over what you listen to. If the mobile internet is down, having access to local radio stations through an FM chip would be an invaluable asset.

Several smartphones, including the iPhone, came with hardware which was capable of receiving FM radio signals, but was deactivated. It is simply a matter of smartphone manufacturers enabling the chip for that functionality. Samsung will continue its support for NextRadio by enabling the FM chip in latest smartphone models in the US and Canada.

Following the situation in Puerto Rico, regulators and companies like Tagstation, among others, called on major tech companies to unlock their FM chips. But many iPhone users don't have the same luxury, as Apple confirmed to the FCC in September 2017 that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 do not include the FM radio chip.

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