Seal calls out Oprah for associating with Harvey Weinstein

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An hour later he qualified his statement, tweeting, "I don't know if Oprah would be a good President, but she would definitely be a better President than Trump".

The popular former talk show host and upcoming star of "Wrinkle in Time" caused speculation about a potential White House run after accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2018 Golden Globes Sunday, reported CBS News. The hashtag #Oprah2020 immediately began trending. One observer suggested that all the speech needed was a massive balloon drop after Winfrey ended. Ninety-one percent of Democrats backed Winfrey. "That's not her style".

But the Times also cited serious political analysts and politicians who are having second thoughts about the whole idea. Winfrey's favorability would likely suffer soon after she were to enter the political arena - and she's untested taking political heat.

Trump has the backing of 66 percent of Republicans, 12 percent of Democrats and 38 percent of unaffiliated voters. His ex-wife Heidi Klum spoke out against Weinstein in October, but did not say that she was harassed by him.

Among political independents, Winfrey also enjoys a modest lead, 46% to 37%, with 17% undecided. In the 2016 presidential election, Trump won the group, 46 to 42, according to exit polls.

The picture of Oprah kissing Weinstein's cheek has been brought up as evidence that she had to have known.

The USA Today piece cited Joe Trippi, campaign manager for Howard Dean's campaign in 2008, who said: "If she decides to run, she certainly would be the top contender, no doubt about it. ..." That could spell a potentially tough primary against a more politically qualified opponent.

Still, she would vote for Winfrey over Trump. Someone from his team reached out to her to see if she would talk to him, and she said she would if it was for an interview. "I don't think she had any intention (of declaring)".

Oprah Winfrey brushed off accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, saying "this is just how it is" for people who want to get ahead in the media industry. And now it's Donald Trump - the ultimate outsider.

Experience still matters, as Trump's struggles have shown.

HUD awards $109 million to Illinois homeless programs
On the other hand, the report said, veteran homelessness decreased 4.1 percent and chronic homelessness decreased by 35.9 percent. The number of families with children experiencing homelessness declined 23 percent since 2016 and 60 percent since 2010 .

Or are we in a different time?

This is not to demonize Oprah Winfrey per se, but the culture of celebrity worship, of which she is herself a victim in that she is forced to live an unnatural life (a veritable exhibit in the zoo that is celebrity) is redolent of Brecht's admonition, "Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes". Graham apparently has been encouraging his high-profile partner for years and is certain she'd be a great candidate.

She said: "I want all the girls watching here, now, to know that a new day is on the horizon!"

The consensus among Democrats is a bit more cautious.

Winfrey was born into poverty in MS to a single mother, then lived a hard upbringing in Milwaukee.

Forty-eight percent of likely USA voters said they would vote for Winfrey in a contest between the two candidates.

Harris has been the subject of two recent national profiles, both of which highlight how voters are energized by the prospect of her candidacy.

"We all know the press is under siege, these days", she said.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, "Anybody can become president of the United States".

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