Storms Bring Deadly Mudslides to Wildfire-Scorched SoCal

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On Wednesday, dogs helped crews rescue 10 stranded residents, Anderson said.

California authorities say 100 single-family homes were destroyed in the flash-floods that struck the coastal enclave of Montecito and adjacent areas of Santa Barbara County.

Nearly the entire community, about 10,000 people, are under a mandatory evacuation order that could last for up to two weeks, Santa Barbara County's fire chief said.

Eight people are still missing in deadly mudslides that have claimed 17 lives so far in Santa Barbara County in the western USA state of California, local authorities said Thursday.

The mudslides toppled trees, demolished cars and covered blocks of quiet residential neighbourhoods with a thick layer of mud, blocking Highway 101, a major north-south route along the coast.

Casualties continued to mount Tuesday following devastating rains and mudflows in Southern California.

"I know it sounds like it's a constantly moving number", Brown said.

A 14-year-old girl was also rescued from the mud after being trapped for hours.

Southern California, which just endured the largest wildfire in state history, is being bombarded by flooding and destructive mudslides triggered by torrential downpours. Homes were swept from their foundations as heavy rain sent mud and boulders sliding down hills stripped of vegetation by a huge wildfire that raged in Southern California last month.

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After a wildfire, burned vegetation and charred soil are especially susceptible to destructive mudslides because scorched earth does not absorb water well and the land is easily eroded when there are no shrubs.

He said it was likely they would find more people amid that destruction.

The man and his wife had to crawl out of a window on their roof at 3am when the mud hit their home.

"I started hearing this roar right after I saw the fireball".

MR COLIN FUNK, who fled with his family as thigh-high mud approached their house.

This comes after a record-setting year of $306 billion of weather and climate-related disaster costs in the USA, its National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.

"I feel lucky", he added.

At least 15 people have died and more than two dozen others were injured.

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