TMAF Campaign to Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking

Franciscans Sisters of Perpetual Adoration co-sponsor video series on human trafficking

January 2018 Proclaimed Human Trafficking Awareness Month

After 180 cases in Indiana during 2016 and with January being "Human Trafficking Awareness Month", the Indiana Youth Institute is ramping up efforts to educate the public on the signs of human trafficking. Trafficking of persons involves the recruitment or transfer of people by the means of force, fraud, or coercion for the goal of exploitation including forced labor, domestic servitude, removal of organs, and commercial sexual exploitation.

The authors are all Oakland County commissioners and serve on the Oakland County Human Trafficking Task Force.

All videos and additional resources will be available at the FSPA web site. The center offers support and services for victims of violence and sex and labor trafficking. But because human trafficking occurs behind closed doors, he says better awareness and understanding are the key.

The bipartisan legislation aims to help with the problem of human trafficking in the nation.

"The fact that it's (Jasmine Road) localized here in Greenville is eye opening enough for people who don't even want to believe that cars get broken into", Majarais said.

Increasing awareness is the main reason Evans founded The Red Cord Organization a year ago.

"Human trafficking is serious", Mason said.

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The trafficking of people is an global epidemic. As a result of Chastain and his detectives, Dyer said, officers now understand that the women being trafficking in Fresno are victims, not criminals. In many instances, these girls might not return home. She said poverty and other factors also play a role.

She said those at risk aren't just the people from big cities. "And you know, what person living on the streets (who) can't afford to buy their own drugs isn't going to say yes to that, and so they're looking at the vulnerable ones".

Also this month and into early February, near the feast of St. Josephine Bakhita, patron saint of human trafficking, the series also will feature "Flora", "Mr. J" and "Mr. P".

"The eyes can not see what the mind does not know so we might be looking at it and we don't even realize it and so just to hear and to be able to get the training".

Kim says she hid the abuse from her parents.

Along with hotel employees, she's already provided training for several of them locally. Often they feel trapped: If they complain, they will lose their jobs; if they lose their jobs, they'll be deported, and they'd return home without the money they paid to get the visa assistance. As well as medical care employees and medical facilities.

Orr said it is estimated that 22 percent of trafficking involves the labor industry, and 80 percent of that number involves sex trafficking.

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