Trump in 'excellent health,' according to his presidential fitness exam

Experts call for Trump physical to include mental health exam

The Health 202: Mental-health professionals can't agree on evaluating Trump's psyche

Donald Trump has his first medical exam as US president on Friday after a week in which his mental fitness for the job has come under intense scrutiny.

President Trump is in "excellent health" and his physical examination "went exceptionally well", a White House doctor said in a statement on Friday.

Trump's physical exam - the first of his presidency - took place today at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, outside Washington DC, according to the Associated Press.

Past presidential physicals mainly paint a portrait of vigor - punctuated by details like workout routines and sports injuries - but Trump isn't known to exercise beyond short walks. That's due in part to some revealing commentary about his eating habits, outlined in news stories over the previous year - and more recently in the book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House".

His long-time doctor Harold Bornstein said: "Mr Trump is in excellent physical health".

"I'm up there using a lot of motion", he said.

Trump told reporters earlier this week that he would be "surprised" if he received poor results from the physical.

Jackson, a Navy rear admiral, directs the White House medical unit and has worked as a White House physician since 2006.

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Rampant speculation about Trump's mental stability - heightened recently by the president's scheduled checkup and his own tweet that he's a "stable genius" - is raising the eyebrows of mental-health professionals and advocates, who are reiterating their warnings against armchair diagnoses. Dr. Jackson, the president's current doctor, did not reveal whether Mr. Trump is continuing to take that medicine.

Mr Trump's comments were allegedly made on Thursday at a White House meeting on immigration reform.

At 71 years old, Trump is the oldest president to take office.

That's because Trump is notably fond of fast food and reportedly drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke a day.

El Salvador president Salvador Sanchez Ceren also criticised Mr Trump, saying he "protests and energetically reject those types of statements".

Trump does not smoke, and he does not consume alcohol.

Additionally, the president's medical information is protected by federal law. More than a decade later, in 2001, doctors for President Bill Clinton, concerned about an increase in his weight and elevated LDL cholesterol levels, started the president on statin drugs to treat those symptoms.

Usually going for a medical check-up isn't a big deal, unless of course you're the President of the United States of America.

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