Trump Says He Doesn't Think Winfrey Will Run

Oprah Winfrey accepts the Cecil B. Demille Award at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

Oprah Winfrey accepts the Cecil B. Demille Award at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

Oprah Winfrey stole the show and limelight with her impassioned speech at the Golden Globes which took place this weekend. "If she wants to do it, she can do it", Jones said. The word is she gets in bed with-I mean, I've got Hollywood contacts.

Today on "The Alex Jones Show", McInnes told Jones that he was anxious about the possibility that Winfrey would run for office until he talked to political operative and Infowars contributor Roger Stone, who McInnes said told him to imagine "the kind of skeletons this woman has in her closet" that would prevent her from running and "relax". "I want her to run for president", the 68-year-old actress told the Washington Post following the awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Asked about all the presidential speculation suddenly swirling around Winfrey, the typically pugilistic Trump steered clear of nasty nicknames and colorful insults while sizing up such a potential celebrity showdown.

"I'll beat Oprah", the president declared flatly at a White House meeting Tuesday - though he quickly added, "I don't think she's going to run".

CNN quoted two anonymous "close friends" as saying Winfrey was "actively thinking" about a presidential run.

Winfrey's delivery wasn't the soft, enfolding, personal empathy of "Oprah on the couch".

"I hope Recy Taylor died, knowing that her truth, like so many other women who were tormented in those years, even now tormented, goes marching on", Winfrey said.

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A March 2017 poll by Quinnipiac University gave Winfrey a 52% favourable rating compared to Trump's then 41% job approval rating. Her major impact to date was her May 2007 endorsement of candidate Barack Obama - at a time when Hillary Clinton was the odds-on favorite to win the Democratic nomination. The gap broadens to 15 points among white men and women.

Response from the Hollywood luminaries who witnessed the speech firsthand inside the Beverly Hilton ballroom was little short of rapturous.

President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka is endorsing Oprah Winfrey's message, if not a political future, in a recent tweet.

Back to reality. One big question is why Winfrey would even consider a presidential run. "She is probably the most beloved carbon-based life-form on this Earth".

Like the current president, Winfrey is a billionaire media mogul and former television host with no prior political or military experience.

"The question is: does she want to be demoted from queen of the universe to president of the United States?" He added that "When President Trump refuses to speak in stale political platitudes, his critics think he is missing something".

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