USA lauds India's biz power, slams terror

Kenneth I. Juster

Kenneth I. Juster | @USAndIndia

The US is working "very closely" with worldwide partners to secure India's Nuclear Suppliers Group membership, its envoy Kenneth Juster said on Thursday and hoped that New Delhi would join the Australia Group on chemical and biological weapons soon.

"We (Us and India) have a strong mutual interest in eliminating this threat to our societies".

Stating that the US's "America First" and Modi's "Make in India" were not "incompatible" he stressed that "investing in each other's markets will be mutually beneficial-it will increase our economic interactions and volume of trade, lead to collaboration on emerging technologies, and create jobs in both countries".

Juster acknowledged that the United States and India initially had "strained" exchanges on topics related to the transfer of sensitive USA technology with both military and conventional applications.

India and the United States have been vocal about containing the terror in Afghanistan and spreading harmony in the nation, and the 63-year-old U.S. diplomat shed light on Pakistan's role achieving that. "We also expect in the very near future India to join the Australia Group on chemical and biological weapons".

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The statement comes days after the United States suspended its aid to Pakistan demanding credible action on certain terror groups active in the region. But looking forward to building what has become the most consequential bilateral relationship, he said, "It is time to put a strategic lens on our economic relationship - just as we have done with our defence relationship".

On defence and counter-terrorism, Juster observed that both India and the USA have suffered "horrific terrorist attacks" and continue to be targeted. The US envoy, however, expressed concerns about persistent trade deficits, including the one the US has with India. "A prominent example of this commitment was the Trump Administration's decision last June to approve the sale of the Sea Guardian Unmanned Aerial System, positioning India to be our first non-NATO partner or treaty ally to acquire this advanced platform", Juster said.

"Pakistan is also important to situation in Afghanistan. And we are working closely with India and our worldwide partners to secure India's membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group", he said.

India can seize the opportunity to provide "alternative investment hub" for the American companies which are downgrading their operations in China, US Ambassador Kenneth Juster said today. The 63-year-old American government official extended a hand of friendhsip towards India and said that the U.S. looks forward to securing Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) membership for India.

"President Trump and other USA leaders have been clear that we will not tolerate cross-border terrorism or terrorist safe havens anywhere". Together we want to ensure a free& open region. he added. "We are a country of immigrants that has helped drive our economy, made us what we are and that is not going to change".

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