Why Gillian Anderson Is Saying Goodbye to The X-Files Forever

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The actress said multiple times a year ago that the now airing eleventh season would be her last, and reiterated her position at the TCAs, saying definitively, "It's time for me to hang up Scully's hat". "I'm finished." Apparently Scully's sendoff has already been filmed, so depending on how that was handled, there may be no turning back at this point. "It didn't feel like we necessarily deliver everything the fans were expecting of us last time", she said at the time.

Anderson also confirmed that she won't return to "American Gods", just as executive producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are no longer involved.

The actress announced that she was permanently leaving not one but two sci-fi TV shows at the same time, revealing that it was the end for Dana Scully and also her character Media from American Gods.

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The X-Files ran on Fox from 1993 to 2002, and returned to Fox for a six-episode tenth season in 2017, billed as a limited event.

Duchovny left the show after his character was abducted by aliens at the end of season seven; he made intermittent appearances through seasons eight and nine, before returning for the season nine finale. I'm good either way. Her co-star, David "Fox Mulder" Duchovny, posted a sweet message on Twitter. "I'm feeling pretty pissed off, now that I remember". "They did a show without me, so how do you like that?" But she has become more reflective of Scully, and what the show has meant to her. "At the beginning, I was really naive". I feel like every time I'm asked to reflect I have a completely new and different perspective. Beyond that though, the controversial Scully twist at the start of season 11 may have frustrated some loyal viewers who felt that it was a little beyond the pale. Just this year I've developed a whole new appreciation for the uniqueness... Before the season, CarterMatt did think that Fox could try to pull a fast one and renew the show even without Gillian Anderson on board. "To have the opportunity to play somebody as iconic a character as Scully and a part of this duo is very special indeed". "It's infectious to my process".

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