A 146-inch television will soon be available for purchase

LG OLED Canyon Impresses CES Crowds

A 146-inch television will soon be available for purchase

Designed around Samsung's Cinema Screen technology, which specialises in engineering large form factor TVs.

Ever the videophile, Andru is also keeping his eye on the new TVs being announced, including a giant, 146-inch TV from Samsung called simply The Wall. And it could get even bigger. That's primarily because Samsung has designed this huge TV to be completely modular. This comes in handy for consumer applications because each household has varying restrictions on the viewable area on their walls. The best part is that such customisability is claimed to have zero impact on the performance and image quality of the display. Companies like LG and Samsung were some of the biggest players in the event but Amazon, Asus, Acer and many other brands including those that make popular PC peripherals also made their presence felt in the event. Samsung aims to bring "The Wall" to market during 2018.

The technology underlying The Wall is quite interesting. It's not backlit like an LCD TV. MicroLED panels are inherently emissive just like the competing OLED TVs, which are the current performance kings.

Proprietary Rights You may not reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, display, perform, publish, distribute, disseminate, broadcast or circulate to any third party, any materials contained on the services without the express prior written consent of the website or its legal owner. Now LG Electronics once again took the next developmental step to this quintessential living room appliance with a new 65-inch 4K OLED screen that can be rolled up like a newspaper.

The proprietary LG OLED technology is designed to deliver perfect blacks thanks to its ability to turn each pixel on or completely off

But if you're after the sharpest picture, Samsung has an 8k television with 4 times the pixels of a more common 4k set.

According to Samsung, the TV recognizes objects in the image, and then finds ways to restore the edges, create jagged-free images, reduce noise and retain details of the original image.

The TV extends AI and machine learning to sound as well, to identify the source and distinguish between a movie and football match to optimise the sound output accordingly.

As yet it isn't clear when it will be launched although an announcement is expected in the forthcoming weeks.

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