Norway Prime Minister Caught Playing Pokemon GO

President Trump Greets Norway Prime Minister

Donald Trump would consider re-entering the Paris agreement if better deal is reached

French President Emmanuel Macron in December previous year said he was hopeful the U.S. would return to the accord.Commenting on the treaty, Trump said the accord would have taken away the US' "competitive edge". "It took away a lot of our asset values", he said of the pact that includes every other nation in the United Nations.

Trump is joining with Prime Minister Erna Solberg at a news conference following their meeting at the White House.

"The Paris Agreement as drawn and as we signed was very unfair to the United States".

Trump seems to have advocated both agreement and disagreement with the Agreement within 15 words, while solidifying for all of us that he really doesn't understand the agreement.

In the end, should we believe Donald Trump actually believes the United States "could conceivably go back" to the Paris Climate Agreement? No.

"I feel strongly about the environment", he said.

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Last June, Trump angered worldwide businesses and politicians by announcing the U.S. would be leaving the global climate accord, which was signed by the Obama administration and counts every nation on earth as a signatory until the United States formally quits the deal in 2020.

For instance, the president doesn't even know the country produces hydroelectric power to meet its energy requirement or there is no such thing as an F-52 aircraft, both of the things he confidently mentioned during the presser.

"It's an important issue for us and we are committed to the Paris agreement", said the foreign leader, prompting Trump - the man who doesn't know the difference between climate and weather - to add the USA could "go back" into the climate deal.

Under Trump, the US has made successive roll-backs on environmental protections, scrapping the Clean Power Plan, which sought to inch the USA away from its use of coal-burning energy, and opening previously protected lands up to mineral exploration. Solberg is now visiting the United States to discuss foreign relations between Norway and the U.S. and it is the third meeting between herself and Trump.

Three months later, some top U.S. Administration officials, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, said that the U.S.

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