Orange passports: Rahul Gandhi says it shows BJP's discriminatory mindset

New passports to not qualify as address proof? Govt plans to remove last page change colour report

Passport to lose address page

As has dependably been the situation when new series is issued, every single existing global ID will stay substantial till their expiry date.

Since then, the passport has been considered as a valid travel document, which is legal and issued by the country's government for worldwide travel.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday slammed the recent central government move on changing the colour of the last page of official Indian passports, which would indicate migrant status. This would mean that the new passports will no longer be useful as a proof of address for various applications.

Ironically, UK is contemplating reverting its passport colour from burgundy to blue to celebrate Brexit.

A new passport to be issued this year will contain a microchip which could store personal details including biometrics of the holder, the Immigration Department said.

The Government has chose to do away with the last page of the passport that contains personal details such as parents name, address etc. Hence, no longer the passport can be used for verifying your address.

Kumar also mentioned that the changes would be carried out when the next series of passports are printed.

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"The last page is never checked anywhere, but the personal identity of a traveller is important".

The "next series" of passports which would be issued will have the last page blank.

The External affairs ministry is now considering the proposal and might take an official call on it soon.

But What About The Address?

These are all included in the first page of the passport booklet.

Hence, when airport officials will be required to verify the address, they will simply scan the barcode, and hence, there is no need for the address printed on the last page.

The ministry is also considering a possible change in the colour scheme of passports. While an official Passport has a white cover and is issued to those representing the Indian government on official business.

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