Ramaphosa: ANC is the parliament of the people of South Africa

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto

On his part, Kenyatta said his meeting with Zuma included talks on working together "for the mutual prosperity of our people", and improving connectivity on the African continent, which he said was critical to industrial development.

"We open our doors for Kenyans to come to SA, and they must open their doors for South Africans to go to Kenya", Ramaphosa said.

"Political parties are the key engine in ensuring people-to-people connection", said President Kenyatta.

Mr Ramaphosa, who is also the Deputy President of South Africa, congratulated President Kenyatta for winning the 2017 election.

The BBC reported Ramaphosa, who was elected to replace Zuma as party leader, said the ANC had become "deeply divided through factionalism, patronage and corruption". The two men were cheered by a portion of the crowd when they entered.

"South Africa should open doors for Kenyans and Kenya should open doors for South Africans", he said.

The ANC, Ramaphosa said, will renew its focus on rebuilding society and to rid the country of poverty.

"We have a common heritage as people of Africa".

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He cited agriculture and renewable energy, saying Kenya has made great strides in the two sectors, and South Africa can learn a lot from it.

Mr Ramaphosa said the exploitation of natural resources would create job opportunities for the youth.

"President Kenyatta and the Jubilee delegation are here to express fraternal relations between the people of the two countries".

President Jacob Zuma was booed at least four times during the ANC's 106th birthday celebrations at the Absa stadium in East London, Eastern Cape on Saturday.

He emphasised that the new ANC leadership was acutely aware that it needed a programme of renewal so that South Africans could again trust that it was fit to rule the country.

Zuma, who arrive after the event started, attended the gathering in support of Cyril Ramaphosa, the new leader of the ANC, South Africa's ruling party.

Delivering his first January 8 statement in celebration of the ANC's 106th anniversary, Ramaphosa said structures of the movement have been weakened and confidence of the people in the ANC has been eroded.

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