Chinese Consumer Group demands answers from Apple regarding slowing iPhones

The chaiOS bug can cause iPhones to crash

The chaiOS bug can cause iPhones to crash

"The user is at the center of everything that we do".

Apple has already promised to provide more insight into battery life of the iPhones in future iOS updates.

Some customers suspected the company slowed older iPhones to encourage customers to upgrade. The document revealed that the iPhone throttling was not a conspiracy, but an attempt by Apple to stop older models from randomly shutting down due to chemically aged batteries.

Apple had good intentions when they released an update that will slow down iPhone with weak batteries, but the lack of information or explanation was the major reason why users are calling foul at Apple.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, says that users will be able to disable it.

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While both recalls involved the shifter, the Grand Cherokee's shifting mechanism is different than that of the Dodge Ram. In such circumstances, a vehicle may exhibit inadvertent movement - if its parking brake has not been set.

Late past year, the iPhone-maker was much criticised after they publically apologized for slowing down iPhones after a while, followed by multiple lawsuits from angry customers.

Asked in an interview with ABC News whether the job creation announcements were directly related to the Republican tax plan, Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook gave a measured response.

It has also lobbied for the ease tax rates on foreign profits brought back to the USA, saying that such changes would allow the company to invest more freely in the US economy. Now, we don't recommend it, because we think people's iPhones are really important to them, and you never can tell when something so urgent. The disable throttling option is expected to be released with their developer beta in February and it could be available as a final public release sometime in March. In India, the non-warranty battery replacement was priced at approximately Rs. 6,500 including taxes.

"If anybody out there believes we did something nefariously, we apologize for any kind of thing we did or did not do", Cook said.

Again Cook expressed "Our actions were all in service of the user-we can't stress that enough".

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