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Square Enix announces Life is Strange: Before the Storm boxed editions and Farewell episode release date

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Retail Release and 'Farewell' Episode Coming in March

These include the bonus episode featuring Max Caulfield and some extra outfits for Chloe all for £34.99. Or at least there are in America - the cheaper standard edition isn't listed on Square Enix UK's website, but maybe that's just meant for other stores.

Three new physical editions of Life is Strange: Before the Storm are coming this March, which will release alongside the bonus "Farewell" episode that will cap off the story. It will release on March 6 alongside the three physical editions of the game. It's the only time that Max is the lead playable character in prequel Before the Storm, with previous episode's having centred around her Season One best friend Chloe Price. For $69.99, players can get the Vinyl Edition which includes all the items from the Limited Edition in addition to the soundtrack on, you guessed it, vinyl. The Limited Edition version will sell for $39.99 and includes a physical art book and the licensed soundtrack on CD.

Each version of the game will have the bonus episode included as well as a costume pack for Chloe, a "Mixtape Mode" that lets you create your own playlist from the licensed soundtrack for the game and Episode One of the original Life is odd game (which is already free.).

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Be sure to check out IGN's review of Life is Strange: Before the Storm if you want to know more, and read our walkthrough wiki if you're playing the game and need some help.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the vinyl edition also comes with a four-disc vinyl version of the soundtrack, which was written and performed by United Kingdom indie band Daughter. If you pre-order, you'll also get a Chloe and Rachel figurine, and the "Classic Chloe" outfit.

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