Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Have Loot Boxes, But No Micro-Transactions

Dragon Ball Fighterz Screenshots

Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Receive Another Open Beta

We reported on Sunday that the Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta may be extended due to technical issues and we've got some good news on that front.

Over on the Reset Era forums, a user on the site claims to have an early copy of the game and has been fielding questions about their experience with the game so far.

With countless victories under his belt, including multiple EVO titles, SonicFox has been one of the top names in the FGC regardless of the game he's playing. Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the most anticipated DBZ fighting games of the last decade.

Unfortunately, these fan service moments and attention to detail matter very little when the game doesn't work. For subsequent matches, things didn't get any better, even when I selected the more competitive "ranked" mode, and I had to completely exit and restart the game on multiple occasions after being randomly disconnected from the lobby or when I was stuck waiting for too long. It took me over 3 hours to find two games. Bandai Namco made this announcement on Twitter just twelve hours after the initial open beta had ended. The game really seems to be a lot of fun so we hope more players will be able to play online this time around.

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These issues aren't necessarily indicative of the final release.

Dragon Ball FighterZ now has a total of 24 playable characters. After that, gamers will be waiting for the official release on January 26.

Regardless, Bandai Namco should likely reveal what economy systems are in the game if they want to quell some fears from people who've dealt with bad loot box systems over the past year as they've become more prevalent and predatory. But let its open beta be a lesson to other game companies.

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