President Donald Trump Just Took The "Montreal Test" For Mental Health

White House Presidential physician Ronny Jackson answers question about U.S. President Donald Trump's health after the president's annual

White House Presidential physician Ronny Jackson answers question about U.S. President Donald Trump's health after the president's annual

"He has been taking medication for high cholesterol, he has evidence of heart disease based on an exam that many people take around the country a Calcium CT scan and he has borderline obesity", Gupta said.

Maybe some fault should go to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who put words in Jackson's mouth Tuesday by saying, "We support what he said yesterday 100 percent - that the president is in excellent health".

Lee said the screening test Jackson gave Trump "gives the public a false sense of reassurance".

Gupta, who formerly served as an adviser to then-first lady Hillary Clinton during a White House fellowship, said Trump's calcium scores are "concerning". We talked about diet and exercise a lot.

Graham also addressed the 700,000 young people whose lives have been thrown up in the air by Trump's September decision to shut down DACA. Out of adults over the age of 18, 51.7 per cent met the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic activity, and 21.7 per cent of adults meet the aerobic and muscle strengthening activity guidelines, according to the CDC. The American Heart Association has said the best types of exercise increase the heart rate and make a person breathe heavily, but that activities like golf don't provide as much cardiovascular benefit since they don't require much extra effort.

He did say he was open to changing his diet, perhaps with smaller portion sizes on White House meals.

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Dr. David Maron, director of preventive cardiology at Stanford University's medical school, told the Times that he would "definitely" be anxious about Trump having a heart attack if he were monitoring the president's health. What do I know?

"Meanwhile, Trump's ex-wife is defending him, after it came out that he made racist comments last week". I told the President that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old. Tim Scott said Graham told him that the media reports about Trump's language were "basically accurate".

Trump also said he impressed the medical staff during his physical examination.

Dr. Jackson said that Trump received a score of 30 out of 30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a well-known test regularly used at Walter Reed and other hospitals.

As for his mental acuity, Trump was quick to note his doctor's pronouncement that he aced a cognitive exam, which he referenced with a dig at predecessors Obama, Bush and Bill Clinton for not doing more to curb threats from North Korea. If we trust the White House physician's assessment of the president's mental capacity to carry out his duties then everything the president does or says is coming from a conscious, well-functioning mind.

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