Vladimir Putin takes icy plunge as Orthodox believers mark Epiphany

Russian President Vladimir Putin walks to take a dip in the water during Orthodox Epiphany celebrations at lake Seliger Tver region Russia

Putin wore a sheepskin coat and felt boots before stripping down to his bathing trucks

Following a Russian Orthodox Christian tradition, President Vladimir Putin took a dip in freezing water at a monastery on the Feast of the Epiphany on Thursday night.

Many other Russians followed suit, submerging themselves in lakes and rivers in a widely-observed ritual normally taking place on January 18 and 19 that previous year saw two million people take the plunge.

Russian television stations have shown the 65-year-old Putin approaching a hole cut in the ice on Lake Seliger in northwestern Russia and then dunking himself in and crossing himself. He marched onto the wooden platform set up especially for worshippers, wearing a sheepskin coat and felt boots, footage by state news agency RIA Novosti showed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin walks out of a hole in the ice after taking a dip in the freezing waters of Lake Seliger during Orthodox Epiphany celebrations in Tver region Russia
In Orthodox tradition believers immerse themselves in rivers and lakes to commemorate the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan

Russian President Vladimir Putin bathes in an ice-cold water on Epiphany neat St. Nilus Stolobensky Monastery on Lake Seliger in Svetlitsa village, Russia, Friday, Jan. 19, 2018.

Temperatures fell to extremely low levels in parts of Russian Federation ahead of the festival.In the Sakha Republic, a region in Russia's Far East around 5,300 kilometres (3,300 miles) east of Moscow, temperatures dropped to minus 68 degrees Celsius (minus 90 Fahrenheit). He tried it for the first time on January 19, 2011, during Orthodox Christian celebrations of the Epiphany, or the baptism of Christ, but now he also sees it as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Putin was photographed with his shirt off while on a spearfishing vacation in the southern mountain lake in Siberia. In August 2009, a bare-chested Putin was pictures riding a horse during a Siberian holiday.

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