White House officials say they're preparing for "Schumer shutdown"

WATCH LIVE: White House Press Briefing on Potential Government Shutdown

White House slams Democrats, preps for shutdown

He later told reporters that he was "handicapping it now at some place between 50 and 60 percent", but stressed the White House is planning for the scenario as if the chances of a shutdown were 100 percent.

"I think the vote this afternoon looks challenging to keep the government open", said Short.

Mulvaney said "the Obama administration weaponized the shutdown in 2013" for political purposes by closing popular attractions like national parks. The government will shut down at midnight if Republicans are unable to break the 60 vote threshold in the Senate, and it is now unclear whether they'll even be able to pass a stopgap measure to keep the government running another month.

If Congress does not pass a funding bill by midnight, the federal government will enter a partial shutdown.

It appears that Senate Democrats are "determined to shut down the government", White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said Friday, as he and other White House officials prepared for a press conference on how matters stand. "They did not encourage agencies to use carry forward funds or use transfer authority", Mulvaney said.

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If a shutdown happens, it will come just as Trump is marking his first full year in office.

In a victory for Paul Ryan, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a short-term funding bill late Thursday night, rounding up enough votes to overcome a revolt by members of the House Freedom Caucus. "The truth of the matter is they're doing the exact same thing they accused the Republicans of doing in 2013", he continued. Republicans are calling it the "Schumer shutdown" because Democrats are objecting to a short-term continuing resolution to fund the government without provisions to grant amnesty to DREAMers.

"There's absolutely no reason to insert an immigration solution, a DACA solution into the funding bill today", Mulvaney said.

It was still unclear how the blame for a potential shutdown would shake out, but the White House's efforts to exculpate the President were at odds with comments Trump made when he was a private citizen in 2013.

But Mulvaney and Short deflected questions about whether Trump and Republicans should share some of the blame if the government shuts down, given Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress.

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