Twitch's new tools help streamers hype pre-recorded videos

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As YouTube Deals with its Monetization Issues Twitch Continues to Put the Creator First

The announcement comes alongside the launch of Twitch's new Video Producer creator tools created to somewhat shift the site's focus away from streaming, and give creators "more options, more control, and more opportunities to find viewers, grow an audience, and make a living doing what they love". The new landing pages allow creators to chat with their audience and send out invitations.

Just in time for the new partnership, Twitch also announced today the launch of its Video Producer tools.

YouTube has seen nearly nothing but criticism these past months due to controversial monetization changes on its site, so Twitch might just convince some YouTubers to jump ship with their new focus on video content.

"The challenge frequently faced is that when the time comes to share recorded content with the world, success is in the hands of algorithms", Twitch's press release stated.

In addition to helping creators build hype for new videos, the new Premiere feature also prevents creators from spamming Twitch with low-quality content.

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Twitch, the gaming-focused streaming platform, has a new suite of tools for its creators in a package it is calling Video Producer.

The four content creators, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Strawburry17 and Luzu, boast over 35m subscribers between them, and produce video content in a variety of genres, from "let's play" gaming streams to cookery shows. Better, more engaging content means more money for Twitch, more money for its creators and a better experience for Twitch viewers.

All four partnered creators have Twitch accounts already, with varying degrees of activity, and all of them post regularly to YouTube as well. As for monetization with the new Video Producer, Twitch says, "Many of the same options for live streams exist for videos broadcasted through Video Producer, including Subs, Bits, and the free channel subscriptions from Twitch Prime".

These Twitch changes come after a new slew of changes at YouTube. Do you think the streaming site will be able to lure creators away from YouTube and its adpocalypse? While we likely won't see a flood of small creators move from YouTube to Twitch, it's possible that some will be inspired to give Twitch a try thanks to the new video producer tools and clout from popular gamers.

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