New playable character teased for We Happy Few

We Happy Few Release Date Pushed Back to Summer 2018

We Happy Few gets delayed to summer and opens Early Access refunds to everyone

After an initial Kickstarter campaign netted Compulsion Games over USD$250,000.00 to fund creation, an early access version was released on Steam,, the Humble Bundle store, and the Xbox One, with the full game scheduled to go live in the summer of 2017.

Compulsion Games has released a dev update video revealing new details for dystopian survival horror game We Happy Few, including the reveal of a second playable character, Sally as something of a palliative to the unfortunate news of a release date delay.

Alongside the delay, Compulsion has also announced that it's taking steps to address complaints around We Happy Few's controversial price hike a year ago - when the game doubled from from £30 to £60 following the decision to partner with Gearbox as publisher.

We Happy Few is now content-complete, but Compulsion Games is taking more time to polish up the content following big improvements to the start of Arthur's storyline.

In response, Compulsion is offering refunds to all Steam players, regardless of playtime.

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Pushing the release date back, while not always an easy thing to do, is a good choice if the alternative means releasing an incomplete or unpolished game.

First, there's the increased price. In addition, it is disabling the pre-purchase option on Steam and will re-enable it when the game is closer to launch. The increased cost also comes with an expanded scope, however. In the video, the developers also show off a new story teaser and highlight a new main character, Sally.

If you don't know, We Happy Few sports a price tag of $50.99, which is a rather absurd price point for an early access game. Even so, it has understandably caused confusion, with some recent buyers shocked to find that their full-price purchase has netted them a now incomplete game. What you guys see right now is definitely not what we see internally.

Along with a retail version, Compulsion are dipping their toes into other conventions, such as pre-order bonuses and, ugh, a season pass, a decision they defend in the post. We're going to get back to making We Happy Few.

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