Amazon opens a supermarket with no checkouts

Amazon Go Futuristic Cashierless Grocery Store Opens To Public On Monday

Automated Amazon Go Store Opens Doors in Seattle on Monday

The store, located at 2131 7th Ave near the corner of 7th and Blanchard, will be open from 7 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, and is meant to help speed up the shopping experience by ditching the traditional checkout.

Entering the store is remarkably like going through the turnstiles at a train station - you show your phone to a sensor, then start shopping.

Don't expect to buy everything you'd normally find in a convenience store. A receipt will be sent to you electronically and the amount will be charged from your Amazon account.

At Amazon Go, checking out feels like - there's no other way to put it - shoplifting. The technology keeps track of all the products the customer has grabbed and when they walk out, it charges the account. However, an analysis published by Quartz previous year looked at employment data for the retail industry as a whole and found that Amazon's growth and hiring numbers don't offset the overall retail job losses that it has helped cause.

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There aren't any concrete plans for additional Go stores, and that will likely depend on how well the technology works. You can walk in, grab a veggie wrap and walk out in a matter of seconds. But while Amazon employees have been able to use the store for the past year or so, it had failed to open the public. "This is Netflix replacing Blockbuster, this is Uber replacing taxis", said Brendan Witcher, principal analyst with Forrester Research, who shopped in the store last week. That's what makes the public opening such a significant test for the technology.

The first clue that there's something unusual about Amazon's store of the future hits you right at the front door. While the AI teller is only seeking to automate grocery stores at the moment, there is no reason why this technology couldn't be used to service brick and mortar stores of any kind.

Overhead cameras inside the Amazon Go store.

The idea of an entirely autonomous grocery store settles somewhere between utopian and dystopian. For a quick home-cooked dinner, pick up one of our chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits, with all the ingredients you need to make a meal for two in about 30 minutes. From the kitchen to helping you with anything you may need, Amazon Go will not be a staff free establishment unlike popular thought.

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