Audiobooks are coming very soon to Google Play

It looks like the Google Play store will soon sell audiobooks

Google Play store will soon sell audiobooks

A banner spotted on the Google Play Store teased that an audiobooks section is coming soon, a move that will challenge Amazon's domination of the market through its Audible business. But now, things are changing and the Play Store will be adding a special section for the book lovers with Audiobooks. However the banner link was not working (still isn't working) indicating that it was an accident and the banner was prematurely made live by someone in the Google Play team.

From that banner we can also see that a 50% discount on the first title that you Audio Book purchase you make on Google Play may come with the launch.

Interestingly, another suggests that even the Google Play Books app is about to be upgraded with audiobook support. Whenever that is. Google Play will also have a huge opportunity to capture a large share of the market just seeing how many Android users there are around the globe.

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According to report in 9to5Google, Google on Friday ran a promotional banner announcing the arrival of the audiobooks in the Play Store. Fans will be hoping that a dedicated section of the audiobooks would provide them with more options and variety to choose from. Also, it is not clear if the search giant is planning to add Google audiobooks to both the Google Play Store and Google Play Music. Other companies too are improving support for audiobooks, so Google needs to offer all categories of digital products through its Play Store.

Amazon now dominates the audiobook market with its ownership of Audible, the leading retailer of audiobooks. Similarly, The Android Soul just recently had also reported that in their APK teardown of the latest update to the Google Play Books app, and they had found a code for several new features, including audiobooks. It said that audiobooks and ebooks will be divided into separate tabs.

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