Julie Ertz has great reaction upon learning husband Zach won NFC title

They won their game, 5-1, and afterwards, she was told the Eagles were headed to the Super Bowl. And if everything keeps going in favor of the Ertz family, Zach might find himself watching Julie in her next match as a Super Bowl Champion. "I was kind of looking around for someone to give me confirmation and answers, and I feel like I needed it from at least like three people to make it feel real", Ertz said. "Yeah, I just got super emotional".

Zack had a strong game, pulling in eight passes for 93 yards. Luckily, Julie doesn't have a soccer game that day. And while Julie tried not to look at the Eagles' score, the grins on a few faces at halftime assured her "they knew something". Only after the fact did the communication resume, from others and eventually from Zach. "He FaceTimed me right when I got in there", Ertz said of the locker room. I'm so excited for them.

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This will be the Ertzs' first trip to the Super Bowl. "I'll call him a little bit later. But I know for them, it's back to business tomorrow". This is that moment on such a micro-human level - a couple who support the hell out of each other taking joy in the other's success.

While Julie was suiting up as a midfielder for the USWNT team in a friendly against Denmark in San Diego, her husband Zach was all the way across the country playing in the NFC Championship Game.

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