West Bengal: CPI(M) rules out alliance with Congress

CPI general secretary Sitaram Yechury during an event in New Delhi

CPI general secretary Sitaram Yechury during an event in New Delhi

According to News 18, two resolutions were placed before the committee: The first advocating an alliance with the Congress (favoured by CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury) and the second proposing a broader coalition of Left parties to take on the BJP (favoured by former general secretary Prakash Karat).

The final decision will be taken at the Party Congress to be held in Hyderabad in April, and electoral tactics will be decided depending on the "concrete situation" in the States. The CPI-M central committee meeting is now underway in Kolkata, and the single point of discussion now is should they engage in any tie up with the Congress. But the voting was won by the supporters of Karat who refused to support congress. Left Front as Left Front will accept the challenge to thwart BJP.

But voting became inevitable when the lobby with the majority, owing allegiance to Karat, rejected Yechury and said taking the two draft resolution to the Party Congress will only mean the CC is not sure about the line the party needs to adopt for its future.

Vijayan and Balakrishnan had early this month categorically emphasised that under no circumstances, should the CPI (M) have any sort of adjustments with the Congress, even while declaring the BJP as the main enemy.

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Deliberations over the draft resolution started almost four months ago and continued three politburo meetings two meetings of the central committee.

"They (the BJP) are trying to bring together anti-Left forces and extremist organisations".

Regarding Tripura polls he said, " On one hand you have the BJP tomtoming on nationalism and saying that if somebody doesn't say "Bharat Mata ki jay" then he is not a patriot.

The party recently said that it was holding talks with the BJP for a pre-poll alliance. "(They are) destroying the unity and integrity of the country as part of their Hindutva agenda and Hindutva nationalism while in Tripura, they are actually aligning with those extremist organisations, which were born with the demand that Tripura should be separated from India", Yechury said. "BJP has launched four-pronged attack on the country, and forthcoming elections will be BJP's Waterloo in their blitzkrieg of victories", the CPM leader said. The CPM had in West Bengal got into a seat sharing arrangement with the Congress for the 2016 assembly election but it didn't help.

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