Arab coalition donates $ 1.5 billion to Yemeni people

Coalition to give $1.5bn in Yemen aid, expand port capacity

Yemen: The world's 'worst humanitarian crisis' in numbers

Deaths resulting from a diphtheria outbreak in Yemen are "likely to rise" if the naval blockade imposed by a Saudi-led coalition fighting to defeat Shiite rebels in war-torn Yemen remains in place, an global aid group warned on Monday.

The US-backed alliance, which also includes the United Arab Emirates, said in a statement it would operate an air bridge to Marib, set up 17 overland corridors for aid deliveries and lead the expansion of additional Yemeni ports to receive humanitarian and essential cargo.

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Yemen, Mohamed al-Jaber, said in a tweet on Tuesday that the humanitarian operations that will be implemented in Yemen will produce thousands of direct job opportunities for Yemeni people.

"The coalition will coordinate".

"The coalition will coordinate $1.5 billion in new humanitarian aid funding for distribution across United Nations agencies and global relief organisations", the coalition said.

Russian Federation on Monday called for an end to fighting in Yemen , saying there could be no military solution to the almost four-year war between Huthi rebels and the Saudi-backed government.

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The UAE Armed Forces continue to carry out support operations for the legitimate forces in Yemen.


Saudi Arabia launched a massive aerial campaign against the rebels in March 2015, aimed at restoring the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

The United Nations on Sunday made what it described as a record appeal for aid to Yemen , calling for almost $3 billion in humanitarian relief for the crisis-plagued country.

The latest aid package follows last week's $2 billion Saudi cash injection to Yemen's central bank.

He stated that in the past three years, the kingdom has provided support to Yemen and its people for more than 10.4 billion dollars.

The Saudi-led coalition closed air, land and sea access to the Arabian Peninsula country for all humanitarian workers and organisations on November 6, saying the blockade would stop arms from reaching Houthi rebels.

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