ICE Detains Michigan Physician After 40 Years In US

Niec could get a bond hearing in February

Niec could get a bond hearing in February

Having been brought to the United States from his native Poland when he was just five-years-old, Dr. Niec has grown up and lived in the a permanent resident green card holder for almost 40 years now.

"While Bronson Healthcare, like others, respects the laws and regulations concerning United States immigration, we are following the situation surrounding the detention of Dr. Lukasz Niec closely and are doing everything we can to advocate for Dr. Niec", the hospital where he works wrote in a statement Monday.

He was taken into custody at his home January 16 by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, family members told the local WOOD-TV.

The detainment is because of two wrongdoings - decimation of property under $100 and getting and disguising stolen products - that he conferred more than 25 years back. Niec was 17 at the time, and the youthful offender proceeding allowed young first offenders to avoid a criminal record if they stayed out of trouble.

Niec's family tells WOOD that ICE, a federal agency, does not honor that state plea agreement.

"He can not go back to Poland, a country he doesn't know, he has no family at", Iwona Niec-Villaire, his sister and a corporate lawyer, told WOOD.

There have been other issues, however. If it is denied, Niec will remain in jail until it's decided whether he can return home or be deported.

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ICE will not comment on the case and has held no hearings.

In 1979, Lukasz Niec, 43, was conveyed to the United States from Poland by his folks to get away from an inexorably dictator government however now sits in a Calhoun County imprison cell after three ICE officers went to his home last Tuesday and place him in cuffs.

While conceding her husband has multiple blemishes, Rachelle insists that Niece is not a risk to the public.

"He's exactly the kind of person our immigration policies should be encouraging to prosper here, he's been here for 40 years, this is a ridiculous situation", said Dr. Michael Raphelson who specializes in palliative medicine.

ICE hasn't remarked on what made the organization investigate Niec's case, yet a representative for the ICE Detroit Field Office revealed to he was investigating it.

'These days there's less discretion being exercised in who they go after, they're being more aggressive, generally speaking, ' he said. Both are from 1992, when Niec was a teenager, the Post reported. A memo from the Obama administration in 2011 directed immigration officials to look at a number of factors, such as familial relationships with US citizens, criminal history, education and contributions to the community, in deciding whether arrests and prosecution are warranted'.

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