Kentucky assistant police chief fired for racist messages

Prospect's fmr. asst. chief's racial comments made public

Prospect's fmr. asst. chief's racial comments made public

Snoop is referring Todd Shaw, the former assistant police chief in Prospect, Kentucky - not West Coast rapper Too Short, whose name is also Todd Shaw.

The department suspended Shaw in September while investigating his behavior following the county attorney's letter.

In another message, Shaw said, "For years I have seen the blacks live off uss [sic] and putting them in one big housing area breeds HUGE peoblems [sic] ..."

Evans said the messages were not sent on city computers or over city telephones and the messages were found to be "abhorrent, disgusting, and reprehensible". Shaw, who'd spent 20 years as a Louisville officer, was booted from the Prospect force last year, one day after O'Connell sent the letter.

"F- the right thing", Shaw wrote, according to newly-unsealed court records. "If black, shoot them".

Shaw resigned from the Prospect Police Department in late November while under internal investigation.

"While discussing a training scenario where the recruit was asked to write a report on "the right thing to do" if he caught three juveniles smoking pot, Shaw wrote, "...

"If dad is hot then handcuff him and make him suck my d-k", he wrote.

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But another Republican senator who was there, Lindsey Graham , did not deny the comments were made. Speaking to reporters in Illinois, Durbin insisted he was correct.

"If black, shoot them", Shaw responded, according to a letter written by Mike O'Connell, the Chief Legal Officer for Jefferson County to the Mayor of Prospect, John Evans.

"There is no place in police departments for men or women who hold such strongly held prejudices, including recommending shooting people simply due to their race", wrote Mr O'Connell, in his letter to the mayor. Shaw replied "I like thugs sex anyways" and "I need target practice".

Shaw's lawyer, Michael Burns, says he was just "playing" with these and other messages, and that that he "treated all people fairly" as a law enforcement officer. Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman ordered the records released despite Shaw's requests to the contrary.

"Actions speak louder than words and Mr. Shaw's actions during his career speak for themselves".

Kentucky assistant police chief Todd Shaw told police recruit to shoot black teens. "The documents reveal opinions and prejudices that bring into question Shaw's integrity as a law enforcement officer who has been entrusted to serve and protect all members of society".

Mayor Evans sent out a press release where he quoted the police chief saying that it was "apparent to him" that Shaw had violated police conduct, according to WDRB.

The recruit who Shaw had been conversing with was hired on October 17, 2016 and resigned on February 27, 2017, prior to graduating from the LMPD's basic academy, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department.

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