New images leak of the canceled Microsoft Xbox Watch

A powered-on 'Xbox Watch' emerges, shows off fitness focus

Real life images of Microsoft Xbox Watch leaks online

A series of leaked images today revealed that Microsoft has had a plenty of ideas for a smartwatch that was ready for launch but never actually made it to the consumer.

The pictures come via Hikari Calyx on Twitter, showing off an extremely early version of the Xbox Watch in a powered-on state.

With this in mind, perhaps it's for the best that Microsoft's smartwatch project - dubbed the "Xbox Watch" - never saw the light of day. Many of you are probably familiar with Microsoft's Band line of wearables, but have you ever heard of the Xbox Watch? The low-resolution display only shows us four apps: GPS, Workouts, Settings, and a debug menu for developers who were working on the watch. However, Microsoft's work on wearable devices was still for naught, as the Microsoft Band was also eventually canceled. The cancelled Xbox Watch appears to support a heart rate monitor as well.

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It's was good decision to not launch this as an Xbox product since the Microsoft Band could have been transformed into a smartwatch. It had a black, square screen with rounded edges, and would ostensibly connect to a variety of wristbands, much like the Apple Watch does.

It is not clear when Microsoft was planning a Xbox Smartwatch or what was the reason behind using Xbox brand for a smartwatch.

In late 2016, Microsoft killed off the Microsoft Band fitness tracker line, stopping sales of the Microsoft Band 2 and ending work on the Microsoft Band 3.

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