Pence Says US Must Play 'Preeminent' Role as Peace Broker

Netanyahu: US Must Mediate Between Palestine and Israel

The 'Khans' of Bollywood boycott event with Israeli Prime Minister?

It said that "the general strike is an expression of the anger of the Palestinian people and their rejection of all that our city and national project are facing from the occupation gangs and the settlers with American cover aimed at stealing the history and future of Palestine and our real cause without any regard for worldwide resolutions related to our people, their land and Jerusalem as its capital".

The Palestinian leadership has sought to look elsewhere for backing, and president Mahmud Abbas met European Union foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday.

"We expect that to be the embassy", Goldstein said of the facility that will open next year.

The Palestinian government said the United States decision will not change the status of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Palestine but will undoubtedly change the status of the U.S. as a mediator in the peace process or any further political process.

In an address to the Israeli parliament on Monday, Pence defended the controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, which has been condemned by the Palestinians and their Arab allies.

The most likely location is in Jerusalem's Arnona neighbourhood, in a modern building that now handles USA consular affairs like issuing passports, birth certificates and travel visas, said a US official, who wasn't authorized to discuss it publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The latest round of USA -led peace talks broke down in 2014. Pressed on whether the embassy would be moved that soon, Netanyahu said, "No, but we want to do it, quickly".

Aside From Trump Limelight, Israeli-Palestinian Peace on Agenda at Davos Gathering
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver the keynote address at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos on the 23rd of January. A recent survey by the World Economic Forum appeared to criticise Trump and his ferocious brand of "strongman" politics.

Later he will wrap up the day with a visit to the Western Wall, accompanied by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He has been welcomed very warmly in Israel and snubbed by the Palestinians. Its leader, Ayman Odeh, vowed they would not provide a "silent backdrop" to a man he called a "dangerous racist".

"For us, it's less about what European partners think than about what the Palestinians think", he said. "We stand with Israel because we believe in right over wrong, good over evil and liberty over tyranny".

"The Palestinians are looking to move away from a US -led process to a more a multilateral process and there does appear to be a greater willingness on the E.U. side to look at such a process", said Hugh Lovatt, Israel Palestine Project Coordinator at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

The Palestinians have refused to meet with Pence.

A top Palestinian official called Pence's parliament speech "messianic" and a "gift to extremists", and reiterated their view that the Trump White House is incapable of being an even-handed mediator in peace talks.

The FPA, which represents some 400 journalists working for global media in Israel and the Palestinian territories, accused Israel of ethnic profiling and called the Israeli practice of strip-searching journalists a "mark of shame" aimed at intimidating reporters.

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