DICE hints at imminent progression changes for Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 players can expect ‚Äúsignificant changes to progression‚ÄĚ in the coming months

Star Wars Battlefront II's Revamped Progression System Incoming

Star Wars Battlefront II didn't have the smoothest launch previous year, mainly due to the controversy surrounding the use of loot boxes that dispensed gameplay advantages to users that purchased them.

Battlefront 2's progression system has been a mess since October's beta. All details about the new changes will be shared in March. This news came as part of an nearly State of the Game post over at the official site, which went into details about the number of spawns on The Last Jedi maps and who chose what faction for the first season of play. Seasons of Star Wars Battlefront typically involve the addition of new locations and characters and it makes sense that they would want to push out all of the big content changes at once. In this mode two teams of eight players equipped with jetpacks compete against each other.

February will see a new game mode called Jetpack Cargo. As the press release reads, in The Last Jedi Season, players completed over 10 million quests for either the First Order or the Resistance and engaged in desperate showdowns on Crait over 156 million times.

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EA has issued an update which partially details some of the updates coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the next couple of months.

With these improvements, and not to mention a few sales - such as the one that's taking place on Xbox Live right now for around $40 - Star Wars: Battlefront II should have no trouble pushing forward, as it provides a great deal of wealth with its multiplayer, as well as its various modes and single player campaign. DICE stated that it will take on board lessons it learned from the previous season, but once again, the developer is tight-lipped on the exact details, promising to reveal more information soon.

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