Smith of the Fall Dead at 60

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Smith formed The Fall when punk hit 1970s Manchester, and the gray industrial English city sprouted innovative bands including Joy Division and The Buzzcocks.

Tonight, I learned the extremely sad news that the unique son of Salford, Mark E. Smith, the frontman of The Fall has passed away.

The manager, Pam Vander, did not reveal further details as she announced his death on Twitter but said a full statement would come later.

The Fall singer Mark E Smith has died at the age of 60, the band's manager confirmed.

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At the centre of it all for the past 40-odd years was Smith, whose surreal wordplay and deadpan style of talk-rap-singing was instantly identifiable and much imitated, both seriously and not. He performed past year in a wheelchair in the UK. The group were also the subject of a 2005 BBC documentary, The Fall: The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E Smith. The Fall had cancelled several gigs previous year because Smith was suffering from what Ms Vander described as "bizarre and rare medical issues".

The famously temperamental singer was the only consistent member of The Fall but even with revolving lineups the band proved highly prolific, releasing its 32nd studio album past year.

Baby Driver director Edgar Wright tweeted that Smith was "not merely a legend of indie music but someone who, for me, was a gateway into that very genre".

Let's face it, there will only ever be one Mark E. Smith, like there was only ever one Bob Marley.

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