Google Reportedly Eyeing Gaming Market with Subscription Service

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It's unclear whether Google would focus exclusively on streaming Android games to a consumer's television, as playing Android games on a big screen is already relatively easy to do with existing casting and mirroring technology.

The Information reports today that Google's Yeti game streaming service is being developed.

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According to this report from The Information, several "people with knowledge on the project" are reporting that Google is looking into its own subscription-based game streaming service. Google's Chromecast can also natively play some mobile-quality party games directly from the device, as can Amazon's Fire TV and the Apple TV.

While there are some video game streaming services out there, their presence seems to be somewhat marginal and discs and downloaded installs dominate. But now, it appears that another major titan may be stepping in to offer a subscription-based service for gamers everywhere. If any company is good at building a speedy, robust internet service, though, it's Google. If Google's efforts with Yeti are successful, it will grab a piece of the $109 billion video game market. The company has discussed the service with game developers, but at the moment it's not clear whether any of them will out Yeti-exclusive titles or simply port over existing streamed games. For an unknown reason, the project was delayed. Top-tier developers are also informed about the project, but it's not yet clear if they will allow streaming of already released games or develop brand new ones. Harrison reports to Google's SVP of Hardware, Rick Osterloh, which all suggests some kind of Google gaming hardware plan may be in the works. However, bolstering the prospects for game streaming is Google's hiring last month of gaming industry veteran Phil Harrison, who's spent years in the upper ranks of both PlayStation and Xbox.

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