Dontnod's Vampyr releases this June

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Vampyr Release Date REVEALED for upcoming PS4 and Xbox One game by Life is Stange makers

The third game from DONTNOD, Vampyr has been delayed a couple of times on its way to release, but the final episode in a YouTube webseries has put a date on it at long last. Today (February 8), the fourth and final episode of the web series came out, and at the end of it the game's release date was revealed.

Vampyr has been releasing a series of behind the scenes videos on the run-up to its launch, each exploring a different element of the game.

As Narrative Director Stéphane Beauverger explains, the player is often occupied with Vampyr's intricate gameplay systems. As such, exploration, investigations, combat, player encounters and all the choices are intertwined with the game's narrative.

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Vampyr will release on Xbox One, PC and PS4 June 5th. You can watch the latest episode below. Phillippe Moreau, Game Director, elaborated further stating that the feeling of control and the relationship between a player and their character, are unique to the gaming industry and he has worked to make this even more special within Vampyr.

Set in London, 1918, you play as a doctor turned vampire who must choose whether to chomp innocent people to increase your own strength. Therein lies the moral dilemma at the center of Vampyr; do you give into your base desires, destroying the city in the process, or do you ignore them and relinquish the possibility of becoming more powerful. "Struggle to live with your decisions... your actions will save or doom London". Unfortunately it's a little out from the studio's previous claims of the game hitting the Spring window as it's finally been confirmed that Vampyr will be available June 5.

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