Logan Paul suspended by YouTube after tasering dead rats

YouTube star Logan Paul is under scrutiny yet again for a video posted to his channel this week showing him using a stun gun on dead rats

Logan Paul Slammed by PETA After Tasing a Dead Animal in New Video

YouTube suspended ad's from Logan Paul's channels, citing behavior in his videos that makes his content "unsuitable for brands", Variety.com reported.

After the official apologies for his previous vlog that featured footage of a suicide victim, Logan Paul's new video showed him using a stun gun on dead rats and poking at a fish struggling to breathe, which apparently made him the subject of controversy yet again.

The flash point came December 31 when the 22-year-old vlogger posted a video during his trip to Japan on December 31 that included footage of a person who had died from a suicide.

Logan Paul is no stranger to doing stupid AF things, getting criticized for them, and then apologizing and moving forward like nothing happened.

YouTube had previously pulled Paul's channels from the Google Preferred premium-advertising program following the suicide video. Let us just remind you that this video was posted just weeks after he became the most hated person on the Internet for filming the dead body of a man who had committed suicide in a Japanese forest.

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"This sort of content has no place on YouTube or anywhere else".

This is a bigger outcome for Paul than YouTube's first punishment, which simply removed Paul from Google Preferred, the company's top-tier ad group for creators.

YouTube's move to demonetize Paul's channels is a warning shot to other creators that it's serious about enforcing tougher policies created to make it more "brand safe" for advertisers.

Just weeks after his global incident exploiting a suicide victim, Logan Paul is back at it again, this time abusing deceased animals as a form of entertainment.

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