The Future of Windows Could Be Passwordless

Clutter-free Printing

“Downloadable” Websites Or PWAs For Windows 10 Are Coming To Microsoft Store

Progressive Web Apps will be supported in Windows 10 and across all major browsers, and will offer a simpler way of developing cross-platform apps that work very similarly to native software. In the former case, as we saw a couple of weeks ago, Windows 10 now lets users view diagnostic data (which is sent back to Microsoft) collected on their machine - and the button to delete this data from the PC is now live. According to Microsoft, "passwords are inconvenient and insecure".

If you use Android, you might have come across a Progressive Web App or two in your Chrome journeys.

To use the new system, users will simply need to download the Microsoft Authenticator app on their mobile device and integrate it with their Windows 10 S PC. However, it's unclear when, or indeed if Microsoft plans to roll out these updates to the greater Windows 10 install base.

Microsoft's forthcoming Teams client app will be a PWA, and ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley predicts that Microsoft will choose PWA over native apps for many other releases in future. They reviewed around 1.5 million candidates in the process. Now, the company is enlisting Windows 10 S users to the cause.

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Earlier this week the notorious Microsoft leaker WalkingCat revealed the company's annual Build developer conference could be scheduled for early May in Seattle, just before Google I/O.

Microsoft recommends that devs who want to differentiate their product on each platform develop native apps, rather than PWAs, but also stresses the cost and time savings of building a single PWA to run across all platforms.

Input Improvements: multilingual text support in Windows and Text Prediction support for more languages.

Microsoft says it is already experimenting with crawling and indexing PWAs from the web to pick out the quality offerings, which it will draft into the Microsoft Store. And there's a new "clutter-free printing" option in the print dialog for Microsoft Edge.

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