Churches put on a special prom for Loveland area

Night to Shine brings together people with special needs for a prom experience

Night to Shine brings together people with special needs for a prom experience

Normally, a Night to Shine event is for people ages 14 and older, but organizers made an exception to accommodate all special needs in the community.

Pastor Errol Morgan leads the Parker Hill Church on River Street in Wilkes-Barre, and helped bring the event to the city with the help of his sister church, Parker Hill Church of Dickson City.

Sievert said that churches or organizations who wish to host a Night To Shine event have to complete and application process, the manual for which is more than 80 pages.

There are more than 500 churches hosting Night to Shine proms on February 9.

"Seeing everyone so happy and having so much fun is just my favorite part", she said.

"I have disabilities too, we can change the world, so people out there on TV land, please give us a chance to change a world that we need with handicap people", Arfman said.

From limo rides, to crowning every participant a prom king and queen, Friday's prom was just like the real thing.

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"The first night was hard trying to find a dress that fits her personality", Sarah Jones, the mother of an attendee, said.

There was also a night to shine event in Roanoke at Bonsack Baptist.

This was just one of 540 Night to Shine events taking place around the world Friday.

"It's the most unbelievable event I've ever been a part of", said Pastor Todd Ballard.

"I hope they realize they are so loved", she said.

"We're celebrating a group of people who are often sidelined".

There is really no other news that tops this. Students from local beauty schools volunteered their time to do hair and make up for both men and women with special needs.

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